MECOMS 2012 2.0

For years, countless energy and utilities companies have held on to their legacy systems, often with good reason.

The sector is on the brink of a new industrial revolution, with smart meters, big data analytics, tougher competition and ever more demanding customers. This revolution has a profound impact on Meter Data Management, Billing, CRM, Enterprise Asset Management... and the way all processes interact.

The potential benefits of this revolution are huge, but so are the risks. Nobody wants to make an investment that will soon be obsolete.

However, at this point, continuing to invest in a legacy IT system makes no sense anymore. On the contrary, those who keep holding out, risk consigning themselves to irrelevance.

That‘s why Ferranti and Microsoft teamed up to create MECOMS™. It‘s a utility ERP that integrates MDM, CIS and EAM in a single, future-proof solution. Its flexibility, efficiency and ease of use are simply amazing.

Release 2.0

Today, we release version 2.0 of our MECOMS™ 2012 system. It is a future-proof system, that grows with your organization and will always cover your business needs.

What do we mean with this? Firstly, MECOMS™ is designed to be a modular end-to-end solution. You can start with limited functionality (say, smart meter reading) and later expand the system with other modules, and possibly evolve it into a full MDM + CIS + EAM system.

Secondly, MECOMS™ will handle any amount of data, and supports complex scenarios out-of-the-box. Whether you‘re a niche B2B energy supplier or a large-scale public utility with millions of residential customers: MECOMS™ will do the job. Thirdly, MECOMS™ will gracefully handle the transitional period from manual and automatic meter reading to full smart metering. No matter how many meter reading methods, smart meter brands and communication protocols you throw at it, MECOMS™ MDM will produce reliable consumptions and keep control of your smart meter park.

To deal with big data, this release has a completely redesigned architecture, using Microsoft‘s latest database technologies. It offers cutting-edge "Smart MDM" features, including support for massive smart meter roll-outs, command and event handling, and much more.

Time to move on

The energy and utilities industry will continue to change rapidly, but that‘s exactly why now is the time to move on.

From the beginning, we conceived MECOMS™ as an answer to market turmoil. Having the flexibility to adapt to changing demands is a core value of MECOMS™, and always will be. We won‘t claim that MECOMS™ is the right MDM system for every utility. But we‘re certain that our value proposition will appeal to many utilities.

So it‘s time to sell spinning jenny to the museum and get in touch with us to discover how MECOMS™ can make your business thrive.

The world‘s first modern high-voltage power station in Deptford
The world‘s first modern high-voltage power station in Deptford,
built by Ferranti in 1887. It‘s long retired now, and we have moved on.