Enterprise Asset Management

Enterprise Asset Management MECOMS™ Enterprise Asset Management (EAM) provides an integrated and cost-efficient way to manage mission-critical assets, according to best practices. It enables utilities to tackle complex asset management projects, according to standards such as PAS55. MECOMS™ integrates human resources, purchasing, inventory management, products, sales, projects, meter data management and financial accounting into a holistic and process-driven system. Furthermore, MECOMS™ allows for gradual deployment of smart meters throughout the grid, without impacting on-going business.

MECOMS™ Inventory Management

Utilities need to manage thousands or millions of meters and other devices, often at customer premises. These need to be installed, maintained, calibrated, repaired or replaced. MECOMS™ Inventory Management tracks all assets, from pipes and cables to connections, and stores communication properties for Automatic and Smart Metering. Furthermore, Asset Lifecycle Management manages the complex and evolving relations between assets and provides a way to go back in time and trace each asset throughout its lifespan.

When a technician works on an asset, he can access all the information above from a single screen. Furthermore, any information provided by the technician about the meter’s condition is fed into the Conditional Monitoring module. This will allow the creation of automated actions based on pre-defined situations.

MECOMS™ Service Management

MECOMS™ Service Management synthesizes all available information to optimize both planned and incidental maintenance. It plans and assigns maintenance work to field workers, for example meter installations and decommissioning. Using mobile devices, technicians work on-site while being connected in real-time to the back office system via GPRS. Rescheduling, communication, alerts and notifications are all done using these handheld devices.

Information about skills and people’s availability from the HR module is used to propose an optimized planning and dispatching of resources. Furthermore, MECOMS™ uses project and quotation templates to improve financial transparency. Work outsourcing or offering added services, such as service contracts for devices owned by customers, are seamlessly integrated into the overall service management. By eliminating inefficiencies and unnecessary work, productivity is significantly improved.

MECOMS™ Grid Management

MECOMS™ Grid management lets utilities define, consult and navigate delivery and data communications in a time sliced view. To avoid needless incident reports, maintenance and shutdowns are automatically communicated to the validation process and to the CRM staff while they take calls. Furthermore, Grid Management offers visual GIS-integration, smart metering provisioning using service pools and tight integration with the smart metering communication bus.