Meter Data Management

Meter Data Management MECOMS™ Meter Data Management focuses on data quality and controlling the information flood. It is a full-fledged MDM system, handling all aspects of meter data collection, validation and calculation to turn raw meter reads into reliable consumption data.

MECOMS™ Advanced Metering Infrastructure

MECOMS™ is smart meter ready. It provides two-way communication with smart meters and is able to processes large volumes of smart metering data via the Smart Metering Communication Bus. Moreover, MECOMS™ facilitates smart metering processes for meter asset management, monitoring and the interaction with customers and other market parties. MECOMS™ also handles Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) as a core process. It can easily integrate with existing systems, such as MV90, but also communicates natively with other automatic meters, without additional appliances. An efficient unmetered to metered flow facilitates large-scale meter deployments and offers bulk transferring connections from specific areas.

Smart Metering Communication Bus

MECOMS™ Smart Metering Communication Bus (SMCB) has been designed to manage Smart Metering assets and complex two-way communication in a multi-brand, multi-protocol and multi-user environment. SMCB guarantees a comprehensive management of the metering assets, while at the same time offering the flexibility to link several different proprietary protocols to each other and the central system. In addition, it supports "push" as well as "pull" AMI architectures. SMCB makes MECOMS™ a device-independent solution.

SMCB is developed together with database experts from Microsoft. MECOMS™ uses innovative technologies, such as In-Memory Analytics and Smart Volume Streaming, to ensure that it is able to handle massive amounts of data. In a 2012 benchmark, a few regular PC‘s running MECOMS™ were able to handle 270,000 metering values per second. In a real life situation, with 15 minute intervals, this would correspond to more than 100 million meters.

MECOMS™ Manual Meter Reading

MECOMS™ organizes the entire Manual Meter Reading process. MECOMS™ wireless portable terminals for meter readers enable suppliers to receive their meter readings within the same day. MECOMS™ Mobile lets meter readers access and register relevant information on their terminal (e.g. defects, fraud or the meter location). The terminal performs on-the-spot validation and can communicate immediately using a cellular data connection. It also provides meter readers with their assignments for the upcoming days.

Periodical meter reading routes often reflect the accumulated experience of many years. For unplanned meter readings on demand (MROD), however, routes are generated dynamically. MECOMS™ takes into account the location of the meter reader and the accessibility of the locations to create an optimal route. The continuous connectivity of the terminals allows operators to send updates or additional tasks to a meter reader while he or she is in the field.

MECOMS™ also offers many self-service channels. Paper index cards returned by customers are automatically scanned using optical character recognition (OCR). An interactive voice recognition (IVR) system lets customers report their meter readings over the telephone, and can include immediate validation. Furthermore, MECOMS™ B2C and B2B web portals let customers enter index values, perform validations and consult their consumption history.

MECOMS™ Validation and Calculation

Meter readings are stored and validated in MECOMS™ using flexible business rules. Even on ordinary hardware, MECOMS™ smoothly processes and stores millions of meter readings.

MECOMS™ allows the definition of business validation rules in a user-friendly manner, without additional development. Multiple rules can be active simultaneously, and can be prioritized to match changing business needs. The validation rules are executed in the main MECOMS™ system, but also on mobile devices and self-service portals to further reduce the likelihood of erroneous values.

Converting meter readings into consumptions is done using meter certificates, which are linked to the meter of each individual customer. Thus, readings of a diverse, historically grown metering park are processed consistently. Complex metering configurations, often with local production, are also taken into account. MECOMS™ makes it easy to configure calculation factors, such as daily temperatures (to calculate energy in gas volumes), SLP/EAV’s and proxy-consumptions (related products which are metered indirectly). Estimations, based on consumption profiles or historical data, are automatically calculated as a substitute for missing data.