Utility companies have long been struggling with low customer interactivity. MECOMS™ helps you improve this with rich and structured communication. MECOMS™ is built on the industry’s best practices. Design Thinking is at the heart of MECOMS™, while Machine Learning and AI are continuously being investigated for the value they can bring to the solution and your customers. 

Self Service

MECOMS™ Online, the self-service portal,  provides a top-notch user experience on an administrative level. We’ve rebuilt the portal to cover all of the most important use cases, like requesting support, paying bills, exploring meter usage and arranging a move to a new location. The new intake experience also facilitates a custom user registration and creation.

Social Integration

We added social listening functionalities to create a true 360° view of your customers. All interactions across all channels can be brought to a single department in your organisation. This way, tone-of-voice mismatches and conflicting messages are a thing of the past. 


You can easily generate rich documents (digital and print) for close interaction with your customers, on the channels they prefer.