With its Customer Management modules, MECOMS™ offers a full Customer Information System (CIS). It provides functionality to create products and to sell them to customers in the form of contracts. MECOMS™ offers several methods to bill customer for the commodities they use, and also takes care of credit management to process payments and deal with late or non-paying customers.

MECOMS™ Product Management

MECOMS™ provides unparalleled flexibility for managing products in today‘s increasingly competitive utilities markets. Users can create and maintain products by linking commodities with rate structures, taxes and levies. A product configuration contains all parameters for billable items and services. MECOMS™ enables utilities to rapidly develop new market offerings, without any additional programming.

MECOMS™ Contract Management

Contract types and templates are created according to the products offered. MECOMS™ features an advanced pricing and quotation suite, which is especially valuable in today‘s B2B markets. It allows fixed, semi-flexible and full flexible pricing models. The formulas to calculate prices are managed using an intuitive, graphical formula builder.

Advanced contract conditions, such as auto-balancing, cash-out and take or pay, are all possible. MECOMS™ automatically takes care of these arrangements in billing and other administrative processes.

MECOMS™ Billing and Credit Management

Billing and credit management are core processes for any utility. MECOMS™ is designed to rapidly deliver impeccable bills, to encourage timely payments and to maximize the payment rate of every customer segment.

The specifics of each contract are seamlessly taken into account by the billing system, which calculates and validates invoice-lines on-the-fly as meter and consumption data enters the system. This workload spreading allows for an amazingly fast billing run when the actual invoices need to be generated. Furthermore, on-the-spot validations detect anomalies long before the actual billing run. This allows error-free billing runs, with increased speed and accuracy. Furthermore, MECOMS™ provides out-of-the-box support for real time pricing and billing. Scheduled and on-demand meter readings are handled simultaneously, and future price changes are already taken into account when calculating advances.