MECOMS™ Interaction Management provides a solid framework for all interaction with third parties. Market Communication handles the exchange of standardized information with other market parties. Customer Communication is a platform for all interaction with customers, including both the communication suite for call center operators as well as self-service channels. Portfolio Management covers the selling and buying of commodities and provides tools for the analysis and the execution of the deals.

MECOMS™ Market Communication

IT systems do not exist in a void. Interfacing with different systems is required to exchange messages, to update information and to account for all business processes in a multi-player market. This is the role of market communication, both in a liberalized as well as in a non-liberalized market.

Market Communication enables SOA-based EDI or XML messaging of customer scenarios, master data and meter readings and invoice information. MECOMS™ also takes care of settlement processes, by performing grid fee calculation, allocation and reconciliation. In a regulated market, Market Communication can be used for reporting to partners, regulators, etc.

MECOMS™ Customer Communication

MECOMS™ does not force utility companies to choose between improving customer service and reducing cost to serve. A high degree of automation, intuitive user interfaces and sophisticated error prevention increase both efficiency and customer satisfaction. Customer care staff is empowered to handle even the most complex situations in fluent workflows, while dynamic rules make it easy to customize MECOMS™ for specific situations.

In order to increase customer intimacy, MECOMS™ offers innovative interaction channels. B2B and B2C web portals let customers consult and update their information with a web browser. Furthermore, for B2C customers, MECOMS™ offers a smart home application which runs on Xbox game consoles and an App for tablets.

MECOMS™ Portfolio Management

MECOMS™ Portfolio Management offers a comprehensive toolset for program management, portfolio analysis, position calculation, risk management and mark-to-market. Users can set-up and develop a forecasting model using a deal/trade subsystem, a configurable calendar and a formula generator.

Based on the results, companies can manage their risk and position within the market. This includes sourcing activities (buy/trade) on spot and futures markets, often using flexible contracts in the MECOMS™ contract management module.