To preserve competitiveness, modern enterprises need raw data to be transformed into analytics and strategic insights. MECOMS™ Performance Management contains sophisticated tools to analyse data and provides innovative ways to make the insights available to the whole organization.


MECOMS™ offers pre-defined role centers for common job functions in utility organizations. These offer an intuitive approach to use the system, and help to cope with the natural overlap between different modules and departments.

Business Intelligence

MECOMS™ lets utilities measure their effectiveness by transforming data into intelligence. Profit Management, based on customer segmentations, margin calculation and cost to serve analysis, empowers energy and utility companies to identify businesses opportunities and take informed decisions.


MECOMS™ Workflow is a generic framework to automate the steps of any process. It greatly improves cooperation between departments and increases accountability. Furthermore, the status and results of any workflow can easily be included as KPI’s in a role center.