MECOMS™ is built upon a solid technology stack: a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) with process orchestration.

Service Oriented Architecture

Utilities live in a complex IT landscape where good integration and process orchestration inside and across organizations becomes increasingly important.

MECOMS™ uses Microsoft BizTalk Server for business process management to enhance its service oriented architecture. It also unites people and systems in a controlled structured manner.

MECOMS™ makes use of the business rules framework to increase modularity and to reuse business logic. Business Activity Monitoring (BAM) provides visibility on business processes by tracking process milestones and business data. This highly increases transparency and control.

Process Orchestration

MECOMS™ has its own process orchestration module. To handle the volatility of the utility market, the system is flexible and adaptable.

Processes are designed with a strong workflow driven view. This view, combined with parameterization and configuration of processes and modules, helps businesses to implement, refine and tune their processes as the market changes.

The system has a strong focus on automation and performance. For example, the invoice matching in Credit Management is tuned to achieve optimal results for utility customer profiles and processes such as billing and data collection.

These processes handle huge amounts of data. They make use of the MECOMS™ parallelization and event-subscribe design pattern to ensure optimum performance.

MECOMS™ also uses Microsoft BizTalk Server to connect systems both inside and across organizations. This includes exchanging data and orchestrating business processes which require multiple systems.