MECOMS™ for Gas Companies

Gas Gas companies face increasing challenges, especially regarding transport and capacity. They need to make sure that demand and supply are in balance and that gas is brought to the customer at a low cost to serve.

Meanwhile, market conditions are increasingly unstable, as market roles and regulations are continuously redefined. This holds especially true in liberalized markets, where specialized new market-entrants can have a game-changing impact.

Therefore, it is key to differentiate on the market in services offered at a low cost to serve, while adding new options for customers and managing the complexity of the gas market.

A blueprint for gas companies

MECOMS™ features a blueprint, specifically designed for the gas industry. This blueprint adds a layer to the software, containing specific business logic and best practices for gas companies. This ensures a perfect fit between business processes and software. It embeds practices on dealing with gas outage stations, calorific values, gas consumption calculation, pressure, temperature impact, gas day balancing , gas day hours , winter summer change. It also takes into account elements of a smart metering and the challenge of interruptible power supply. From a supply point of view the application is fully connected to the energy exchange allowing flexible trading and competitive price offerings in the market.

Metering excellence

MECOMS™ Advanced Metering Infrastructure enables native communication with both smart meters and historically grown parks of manual and automatic meters. It plans manual meter reading rounds, and features specific PDA software for meter readers.

The Validation and Calculation modules offer flexible business rules to convert raw meter readings into reliable consumption data. This reduces both the occurrence of errors and the need for human intervention.

It provides an end-to-end cycle within one solution making sure that processes are fully aligned and can operate in a best practice manner.

Valorising the customer base

The size and diversity of the customer base is enormous. Electricity companies need to manage large customers with complex and long-standing contracts, but they also need to keep track of many residential consumers with all kinds of specific situations.

MECOMS™ Contracts and Billing is designed to efficiently deal with customers mutation, building owners associations, metered and unmetered connections. MECOMS™ is able to generate and send millions of complex, combined invoices within a very short time.

MECOMS™ Credit Management offers sophisticated tools to efficiently manage the dunning cycle starting with soft dunning, payment plans, due date moving and active communication with the customer and ending at external collection agencies with full integration available.

Time and energy is often wasted on reacting to complaints that result from poor customer service. Inadequate customer service also increases staff turnover, as employees are often dissatisfied with the stress and strain of their role. MECOMS™ CRM offers an efficient interface, familiar to any Microsoft Office user. Wizards enable staff to efficiently settle complicated customer requests, despite needing only minimal training.

Simplifying operations

Often, decades of under-investment resulted in outdated assets and obsolete IT systems. MECOMS™ Asset Management offers simplification and integration to efficiently manage these geographically disparate assets and the large workforce maintaining them.

Planning activities and the resources they require, is a complicated task. MECOMS™ Service Management comes with simple tools for field workers to give them straightforward access to company systems and information.

Gaining meaningful insights

In order to make better and quicker decisions, managers need access to information that allows them to see the big picture. MECOMS™ Performance Management offers a single source of information, based on a single version of the truth. It allows managers to properly measure and analyse the performance of their company, and make the right decisions.

This information is aligned to the role of every individual employee so that he can focus on his daily activities and his Key Performance Indicators.