MECOMS™ for Energy Suppliers

Suppliers In a highly competitive market, suppliers need to provide their customers with inventive energy solutions and value-added services, while improving business performance and lowering operational costs.

Flexibility & Insight

The MECOMS™ marketing, product & customer management capabilities help you to gain competitive advantage: you can swiftly create new products and setup campaigns to market them. Or easily change existing products and tariffs. Keeping track of profitability can be done in a transparent way, using customer KPI‘s.

Usability & Automation

The user-friendly interface, familiar to Microsoft Office users significantly reduces staff training costs. Clear and efficient wizards for every conceivable process improve productivity and reduce errors.

MECOMS™ contract templates drastically reduce the effort that account managers spend on creating and changing contracts. Predefined workflows guide customer support officers when working with the different supported customer interaction channels.

The integration between customer mutation scenarios (move-in, move-out, supply-switch, etc.) and related EDI communication can be fully automated, hence enabling you to tackle exceptions rather than focusing on the process itself.


The ability to confidently handle mass invoicing processes is equally important as to effectively solve individual issues. MECOMS™ has been benchmarked using stress tests proving that it is capable of handling e.g. multi-million invoice runs.