Experience the true power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 tailored to the specific needs of your industry, thanks to our MECOMS 365 platform!

As a utility company, you understand the importance of being more flexible and agile in serving your customers and reducing costs at the same time. Our MECOMS platform helps you do just that.

The MECOMS 365 platform easily and quickly adapts to the changing business needs of any utility in both regulated and deregulated markets. It enables a utility of any size to streamline business processes and combine high efficiency with first-class customer service. Plus, we help you detect operational inefficiencies and discover new business opportunities.

What your customers want

Struggling with low customer interactivity? Then offer them what they want: rich and structured communication.

Streamline integrations

The utility landscape is very complex and full of maintenance-heavy solutions. So now more than ever, utilities need to implement many essential services, while allowing easier integration with tools they use.

Reduce complexity to reduce costs

As you know, the expenses of having many asynchronous services and touchpoints really pile up. What we offer instead is a single interface to manage all these services and touchpoints to lower your overall costs.

Platform Thinking

Power Of Partnerships

The Key Differentiator

A single product is not always the solution

There is a subtle difference between providing “products” and providing “solutions.” Solutions imply an integration of services and products. For each customer, suppliers go through their inventory of products and configure them to address that customer’s specific challenges. We understand that each customer has unique constraints and needs, so a single product will no longer do. That is why we offer a flexible platform, services and accelerators to build the best possible solution for each customer.


We build flexible meter data management, customer care, and billing solutions to meet the complex and unique needs of the utility industry.


MECOMS 365 is the digital application platform of the future. It has all the right APIs to integrate with other business applications to build the best possible solution for you.

MECOMS for Microsoft Dynamics 365

MECOMS is certified for the Microsoft Dynamics365 platform. We are more modular/API driven and ready for tomorrow‘s world of digital application platforms. In the digital era, where requirements are changing faster than ever before, Gartner warns about the traditional COTS products with customer-specific customizations.

Usability & Workspaces

Workspaces reduce the need for navigation and make a visual impact. They use prescriptive patterns and best practices to minimize costs and obtain fast response times.

Usability doesn’t just mean adopting a new style of web GUI. It means focusing on how we can make MECOMS solutions more productive to use. How can we limit the number of clicks? How can we make sure we have all the right data available at first glance? To do that, we will leverage the new Workspaces capability in the Dynamics 365 platform.

Game-Changing Insight

We provide you with operational reports that will help you take your retail business to the next level and core analytics on our most relevant data and processes out of the box.

Useful insight is all about data, analytics and maybe even AI. Corporate BI is still custom for companies, as it is the combination of data from all internal IT systems, but core analytics should be (and most often is nowadays) a core capability of every self-respecting application. We know how a utility company works, we know what your KPIs are, so we will make sure that you can run your business on them using MECOMS solutions.

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