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Bots taking over the world has been a hot topic since the very first birth of robotic activity and has become even more tangible since the 1984 “I’ll be back” Terminator franchise.  Just recently, Elon Musk pointed out to consider artificial intelligence (AI) the most serious threat to the survival of the human race.  He said national and international regulatory oversight is needed, “just to make sure that we don’t do something foolish.”  Musk also stated his investments in AI as “keeping an eye on what’s going on, rather than a viable return on capital”.  In other words: automation is a hot topic and positive and negative effects have to be taken seriously.

What is a chatbot?

In order to understand the pros and cons of a chatbot, we’ll define it more precisely.  What is a chatbot?  How does it work?  In a nutshell, a chatbot is an automated system that conducts a conversation by recognition of patterns occurring in communications.  Chatbots have become more advanced and are not just capable anymore of recognising a question, but can also look for information that can be useful to the customer in a proactive way.  Obvious pros of this system are: constant availability, immediate response time and the number of simultaneous chats a bot can handle.

Bots taking over jobs?

But what are the cons of this new technology?  Should we be afraid of chatbots entering a room with a black leather jacket, shotgun and a slight Austrian accent?  Or should we be more afraid of the more likely event of bots taking over our jobs?

Although chatbots like our Mecoms MECOMS Interactive Agent (MIA) will render some jobs obsolete, it doesn’t have to be a bad thing at all.  Nowadays, repetitive tasks are often still carried out by employees.  MIA takes over takes over those repetitive tasks, leaving more space for your employees to think in a creative and dynamic way about your core business so that you can come up with innovative ideas and thus be one step ahead of your competitors.  Employees will be given the opportunity to leave dull tasks behind and to tackle more challenging problems that will help your company grow!

Why choose MIA?

As we allowed automation in our company, it gave our employees the possibility to develop a very special chatbot  🙂  MIA is able to recognise the mood of the user it’s interacting with.  If a user is unhappy, it will recognise certain word patterns that indicate anger or frustration and change its tactic in order to get the user happy again.  Choose for innovation, choose MIA and increase your customer satisfaction!

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R4 mecoms

By now, you probably have heard about MECOMS already: our solution for suppliers and retailers in the utility sector has been proven to help serving customers in a better and cleaner way. And now, MECOMS R4 has arrived. But what is so different about this new and improved version? We’re more than glad to sum it up for you!

It’s the fastest release ever

No need to elaborate much more: performance benchmarks have shown that the release has approached warp speed when compared with the earlier R1, R2 and R3.

It’s always compatible with MIA

MIA, the chatbot that’s our own generation cognitive call center agent, stands for MECOMS Interactive Agent. No need to tell you (but we’ll do it anyway, just to make sure), that this newest innovation in our product offering is always compatible with MECOMS R4- and vice versa. This way, we keep on paving the road to next-level customer service.

MECOMS R4 connects seamlessly with Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Better, even: by this strong integration with Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft itself recommends MECOMS as thé preferred solution for utility companies all over the world.

R4 has integrated Lasernet

Easier put: this means the possibility of multichannel communication. Interaction with customers has never been easier because of the native integration with Lasernet: this makes sure you can coordinate your messaging, tone of voice and information across all your channels – which will have a closer relationship to your customer as a direct result.

The modeling of discount models has never been easier

With the discount management function, it has never been easier to go to the market in a quick and easy manner. Next to this, you can make use of Excel-resembling formulas and function to model your own rules.

It’s an extended support model…

… meaning that the R4 will be supported ‘till at least 2023!

The self-service portal

The self-service portal has gotten a complete make-over, to make sure everyone gets a top-notch user experience. Every single important use case is covered within this improved portal, next to a completely new custom user registration and creation.

The MECOMS R4 comes out of its box with a customer portal – but no need to worry: it also has the necessary web services so it can be connected with your own. Whatever you prefer!

Want to know more about MECOMS R4 – or would you like to request a demo? Make sure to contact us!

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