Throughout the years MECOMS solutions have been implemented at water, gas, electricity and district heating companies and this for all kinds of company roles (suppliers, grid operators, producers, integrated companies,…). Based on this experience, MECOMS products have gained broad and deep functionality, incorporating specific requirements for all these commodities. By integrating best practices from diverse companies from different industries, all MECOMS customers benefit alike.


Water companies are increasingly subject to mergers, acquisitions and privatisations, which forces continuous reorganisation to achieve optimal scale and integration of the entire water cycle.

The MECOMS Billing engine natively deals with complex situations such as unmetered connections and makes it possible to calculate charges based on the number of taps, inhabitants or any other parameter.


Many countries are introducing district heating and cooling systems to help provide a cleaner environment and exploit the surplus energy of waste incarnation processes.

Thermal companies are often firmly embedded into local society, and customer satisfaction is of foremost importance. MECOMS Contract Management provides flexibility to deal with any number of customers, without losing track of their peculiarities.


Despite environmental concerns, consumption of electricity keeps rising everywhere. Many governments promote green alternatives and demand-side management, which requires smart grids with distributed production environments.

Meanwhile, the first large-scale smart meter roll-outs are taking place. Nevertheless, utilities will still need to deal with a legacy of historical meter parks for a long time. MECOMS is capable of simultaneously handling manual, automatic and smart meters, enabling a gradual upgrade of the existing infrastructure.


While the gas market has some similarities with the electricity market, the differences are considerable. The transported energy of gas depends on the calorific value, quality, temperature and pressure of the gas. Furthermore, liquefied gas can be stored and carried, creating an entirely different market dynamic.

MECOMS has been implemented at gas companies in several countries. The gas market blueprint is designed to handle all specific aspects of this complicated business natively.

A Selection of Our Clients

See how MECOMS has helped these utility companies improve their business operations and processes.


Fluvius builds and manages the grids that bring electricity, natural gas and heat to your home, office or sports club in Flanders, Belgium. This way…


The business activities of innogy in Croatia since 2013 are managed by RWE Hrvatska d.o.o., headquartered in Zagreb. RWE Hrvatska participates in the energy value…


Integrated energy player with a balanced energy portfolio of over 12,400 megawatts of power and around 8.8 million cubic metres of water and wastewater treatment…


RARIK (Iceland State Electricity) was established on 2nd April, 1946, and started operations in January the following year. RARIK has worked on developing various power…


ORES is responsible for managing the electricity and gas distribution networks in over 75% of the Communes in Wallonia. The staff of ORES scrl, a…


Keppel Energy Pte. Ltd. retails electricity. The Company provides innovative products, customised packages, transfer process application support services, risk management, energy information, and billing services.


Enduris is the regional grid operator in Zeeland for electricity and gas. Enduris stands for safe, reliable and cost-efficient management of gas and electricity networks…


Edeltech Group, incorporated in 1989 as an entrepreneurial company in the infrastructures and energy sectors, has adapted itself to the spirit of change and is…


Enexis Netbeheer is one of the 7 grid operators in the Netherlands. The energy landscape is a complex unity in which several parties are active….

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