The business activities of innogy in Croatia since 2013 are managed by RWE Hrvatska d.o.o., headquartered in Zagreb. RWE Hrvatska participates in the energy value chain through sale of electricity (RWE Energija d.o.o.), sale of gas (RWE Plin d.o.o., Koprivnica Opskrba d.o.o., Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.), gas distribution (Koprivnica Plin d.o.o., Montcogim-plinara d.o.o.) and in water treatment (ZOV d.o.o.).

RWE has, since 1996 to the middle of 2015, been active on the Croatian market of electricity generation. In cooperation with a partner Hrvatska elektroprivreda (HEP), a thermal, coal-fired power plant was built and commissioned in Plomin (Istria), in 2000, with a capacity reaching 210 MW. The total investment expenditure amounted to around €300 million. The concession agreement with HEP ended on 28th of May, 2015, with HEP taking full, 100 percent ownership over TE Plomin. RWE Group was one of the first investors in Croatia following the Homeland war, and the HEP-RWE cooperation in Plomin was one of the most successful strategic partnerships in Southeastern Europe.

RWE has been active in the business of waste water management and treatment, in Croatia, since 2000. In cooperation with partners, RWE built and is managing a wastewater treatment plant in the city of Zagreb, with a capacity to store and treat water necessary for a million and two hundred thousand citizens. The total investment expenditure amounted to about €350 million. The concession agreement with the city of Zagreb lasts until 2028.

In July of 2013, RWE Hrvatska bought a Croatian start-up company “Energija 2 sustavi” which immediately after began work re-named as RWE Energija d.o.o. RWE Energija offers supply of electricity for customers in all market segments.

Beginning of 2015 RWE founded a company for gas supply RWE Plin d.o.o., first only to serve the business segment. In late 2016 RWE Plin was the first market-oriented supplier to enter into the supply of Croatian households.

In the context of Croatian entry into the European union on 1st of July 2013, and the consequent liberalization of the electricity and gas markets, RWE Hrvatska is analysing opportunities for expanding its business through small capital investments. In April 2017 RWE Hrvatska realized its first acquisition in Croatia, becoming the owner of the 75% shares of the local gas supply and distribution companies Koprivnica Opskrba d.o.o. and Koprivnica Plin d.o.o. with around 13,000 customers. Beginning of 2018 we took over another gas supply and distribution company Montcogim-plinara d.o.o., that supplies gas to businesses and households in 6 cities close to Zagreb. RWE is a successful front-runner in the expected consolidation of Croatian gas market, where currently 35 distributers operate.