IEG, short for Island Energy Group, is an integrated gas supplier who has been active for over 40 years. They are the gas and LPG distributer & supplier for the Islands of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. They have more than 40,000 connections spread across 5 different companies.



Their challenges as an integrated gas supplier

IEG were running their business processes on legacy applications and were therefore unable to benefit from what a modern platform has to offer. As an Integrated Utility they needed to be able to link multiple services to a single customer, however their legacy software solution forced them to create a new customer for each linked service. This led to multiple and complex customer views, which in turn reduced the productivity and responsiveness of the back-office .

Not only did this impact their back office operations, it also degraded their customer services. Unsurprisingly improving their customer service became another high priority objective for IEG.

As IEG operates across many different islands, working in an aligned way is not always easy. For this reason, IEG decided to invest in a standardised system that stays up to date with the latest technologies and is both easy to implement and easy to use.


The Solution 


After a period of evaluation, IEG decided to adopt the NEXER and Ferranti platform solution. The NEXER team has implemented the core Microsoft Dynamics 365 functionalities, while the Ferranti team implemented MECOMS 365 on top of Microsoft Dynamics 365 to address the specific requirements of utility businesses and in this case – gas companies.


The project went live in June 2022. Needless to say, with the challenges that COVID created, we managed to deliver this project remotely from start to end. Quite an impressive achievement during such as challenging period!


The following modules were implemented:
  • Finance
  • Supply chain management
  • CRM
  • MECOMS 365 MDM
  • MECOMS 365 Contract management
  • MECOMS 365 Billing
  • MECOMS 365 Credit & Collections
Ferranti was able to leverage their knowledge and experience of the UK market to deliver a fully working MECOMS 365 system within budget.