MECOMS offers a vertical solution for the utilities industry, built on top of Microsoft Dynamics, Microsoft’s flagship ERP suite.

Microsoft Dynamics provides generic ERP functionality, such as Finance, CRM, Procurement, HR and Project Management. Microsoft Dynamics AX is a layered system, which allows for seamless integration on one hand and easy maintainability and upgradeability on the other hand. Because MECOMS is fully integrated into Microsoft Dynamics AX, all of the functionality and company processes are in one, integrated system with one user interface, one database and one set of business logic, providing a single version of the truth.

With only one technology stack to support, the total cost of ownership is much lower, both from a business and an IT perspective, as opposed to having disparate systems that are linked together. MECOMS is often integrated in more complex legacy environments. Therefore, integration requiring business process management across systems is often needed. MECOMS leverages the Microsoft Dynamics™ AX infrastructure and optionally Microsoft BizTalk® to deliver true SOA integration.

MECOMS is certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX and 365, which means that each release is thoroughly tested by an independent third party.

When bringing MECOMS 365 to the new Microsoft Dynamics365 for Operations platform we will become more modular/API driven to be ready for tomorrow‘s world of digital application platforms. In the digital era, where requirements change faster than ever before, Gartner warns for the traditional COTS products with customer specific customisations.