The electricity market in Israël

Since 1923, electricity in Israel has been uniform and inflexible. In 2014, electricity in Israel started changing.
Dorad has opened the electricity sector to competition and is allowing for the first time in the history of the State for you to choose – who will be your electricity supplier.

The story of Dorad

Dorad Energy Ltd. is a leading private energy company in Israel, jointly owned by EAPC, Zorlu, Edelcom Edeltech group and Dori Energy Infrastructures.
In 2003, the State of Israel licensed Dorad Energy to build and operate a combined-cycle power station based on natural gas, with a production capacity of up to 840 megawatts, equivalent to approximately 7 percent of the total production capacity of Israel.
Dorad Energy is only the second private company to enter Israel’s energy market since the recent deregulation allowed private companies to get licensed for electricity production.
The electricity produced will be sold to end-users throughout Israel at competitive tariffs and to the National Electrical Grid. The transmission of electricity to the end-users is done via the existing transmission and distribution lines.

Business need

To take advantage of this opportunity, the company needed to be able to take a super-agile stance, so that it could respond to market change and challenges more rapidly than the established players.
New solutions were required to perform all the business processes.
Dorad required, therefore, a solution that was flexible enough to cover a wide range of needs across both their supplier- and production businesses and that would assure at the same time to keep the operational costs as lean as possible.

Business solution and benefits

MECOMS has been selected because of being a single, highly usable solution with a small operational footprint.
The insights provided by the MECOMS Forecasting and Portfolio management tools allow Dorad to manage their exposure to possible margin loss through inaccurate forecast and procurement from the Israeli Electricity company.
Roni Moran, Chief Information Officer at Dorad Energy, explains: “It is a very exciting time in the Israeli energy market, but because the regulations change all the time, it is also a very tumultuous one. We set out to transform energy delivery in Israel by moving away from rigid, fixed tariffs to a more dynamic, flexible model. To be able to offer such flexibility to our customers, we decided to build MECOMS into our company.”

Uncertainty about the company’s rate of growth led its relatively lean IT team to seek an elastic infrastructure that could be scaled and managed easily, as Roni Moran says, “We were looking for a solution that could balance sophistication with simplicity: providing the advanced features and scalability we need to excel for years to come, with the ease of management that will allow us to focus on our core business.”
As we strive to create a new type of energy market in Israel, MECOMS is proving to be the ideal solution that gives us exactly the flexibility we need.”

Project Highlights

This MECOMS project has been led by Prodware Israel, which is the number one Dynamics partner in Israel and responsible for the localization of Dynamics AX in Israel.

Role: Producer/Generation
Functional Scope: Advanced Metering Infrastructure – Billing and Credit Management – Business Intelligence – Contract Management – Customer Communication – Customer Management – EUCA – Interaction Management
– Manual Meter Reading – Market Communication – Meter Data Management – Performance Management – Portfolio Management – Product Management -Validation and Calculation
Process Scope:  Sell – Manage Assets – Contract – Market – Measure & Deliver – Report & Control – Bill & Collect
Region: EMEA