Based in Utrecht, EBN B.V. invests in the exploration for and production of gas and oil. In the Netherlands, EBN does this together with national and international oil and gas companies who, as licence holders, take the lead on these operations.

EBN B.V. is itself active in trading gas, condensate and oil and has a 40% interest in the natural gas wholesaling company GasTerra B.V. The profits generated by these activities are paid in full to the Dutch state, their sole shareholder.

EBN not only invests but also facilitates and shares knowledge across the sector and advises the Dutch government on the mining climate and on new opportunities for making use of the subsurface.
Natural gas is essential for the energy supply and economy of the Netherlands, both now and in the future.

To guarantee the continuity of exploration and production, EBN actively manages participations. This is in line with the goal to make profitable use of the Dutch subsurface.

Role:  Producer/Generation
Functional Scope:  Billing and Credit Management – Contract Management – Country Pack – CRM – Customer Management – EUCA – Meter Data Management – Microsoft Dynamics AX – Product Management – Validation and Calculation
Process Scope: Source – Contract – Bill & Collect
Region: EMEA