Tawzea was founded to manage water supply to three industrial cities in Saudi Arabia. It needed a future-proof IT solution to address the requirements of collecting meter readings using multiple methods, meter data management, invoice generation and payment collection. MECOMS streamlined all company processes based on industry best-practices. MECOMS has greatly improved efficiency and enables Tawzea to realize their vision and to support future expansions into gas and residential networks.


Tawzea, the International Water Distribution Company, was founded in 2004 as a joint venture between SISCO and Amiwater: two Saudi multinational giants specializing in water distribution networks and privatization of water distribution systems. AmiWater has expertise in global water management and SISCO is experienced in the management of city services.

Eng. Mohammed Al-Rehaili, CEO of Tawzea: “In 2006, Tawzea has signed exclusive contracts to manage drinking water supply for industrial zones in Jeddah, Riyadh and Qassim during a 30-year concession period given by the government. Our role is to provide drinking water, recycled water and managing wastewater.

Tawzea‘s priority is to provide services for establishing and operating various types of water services, including sanitation. Later on, the company will expand its scope to include gas and residential networks within the industrial cities. Tawzea‘s key values are quality, customer service and commitment to environmental protection, using the latest technologies.

Building a water company from scratch

Tawzea, a young organization with new business processes, faced the daunting task of implementing water distribution over a large area to bulk consumers.

Shamim Hamdani, CFO at Tawzea: “Our focus is on implementing a water distribution management system based on best practices or business blueprints, rather than existing organizational practices or processes. We must develop the market for specific customer segments such as industry, government, factories, administration and commercial. Services towards residential customers can be expanded in the future.

Tawzea provides drinking water, recycled water and disposal of wastewater. Supplies of water are metered, while the sewage can be calculated based on consumption data and specific pollution level factors, which are enforced by the regulator.

Mr Hamdani: “We were looking for a solution to seamlessly introduce us to best practices that are tested and proven in the market. The system should be flexible to incorporate the new customer segments we will target in the future. MECOMS was carefully selected in accordance with our requirements.

“We wanted a system to cover the main business processes of Billing & Collection, CRM, and Meter Data Management. We found that MECOMS is a perfect solution for our needs.

– Ehab Banjar, IT manager at Tawzea –

Implementing MECOMS

MECOMS was implemented to cover the main business processes of consumption calculation, billing, collections and CRM. Using the underlying ERP functionality of Microsoft Dynamics AX, the existing Finance and HRM processes were easily integrated into the same system. Acknowledging the distinctiveness of the water business, specific MECOMS functionalities for complex B2B billing were added to the system.

Mr Banjar: “In 2010 we started the MECOMS project. The Ferranti team helped us in adopting the new system with a structured implementation and training methodology. It took us about a year to implement and map our business processes in the system. We went live with our first billing run in January 2011.

All the bills of Tawzea‘s B2B customers are now being generated using the MECOMS platform upon wirelessly receiving the meter readings. The metering values are rigorously checked on a technical level (syntax, compatibility, etc.) by the MECOMS Data Collection module, after which consumptions are calculated. The consumptions are validated once more before being used for actual customer invoicing in the MECOMS Billing module. The Collections and Credit Management modules deal with the settlement of invoices issued by Tawzea.

Business value

The user-friendliness offered by MECOMS, which is similar to Microsoft Office, is greatly appreciated by our people. The successful integration with other business applications also added much value to our information flow.

– Ehab Banjar, IT manager at Tawzea –

Mohammed Halawani, Manager, Customer Services: “On a daily basis, the customer-care staff has to create new customers, search for existing customers, make changes in their profiles etc. Normally this would be a time-consuming job. The wizards in MECOMS help us accomplish such tasks with ease. Also, we can rely on the system to generate all the invoices with very little intervention from our side.

MECOMS provided Tawzea with the flexibility and agility to streamline business processes, which was a major challenge, especially for a new company. The system is designed to offer a role tailored approach to increase the operational efficiency and reduce the cost to serve.

MECOMS gave us the flexibility and agility to streamline our business processes. We are not spending time on daily paperwork; we only focus on exceptions. Now we are more confident that we can serve the market with new products.

– Mohammed Halawani, Manager, Customer Services –

Role: Integrated Utility
Functional Scope: Billing and Credit Management – Contract Management – CRM – Customer Management – Finance –
HR – Meter Data Management – Microsoft Dynamics AX – Product Management – Validation and Calculation
Process Scope: Contract
Region: EMEA