Many events within the platform can be automated by making use of MEEP (MECOMS Enterprise Extensibility Platform) and the MECOMS Process Workflow Framework (PWF) and/or Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow). This will allow you to execute certain events when another event happens, based on various conditions, helping you to streamline your various business processes.

Process automation will help you to work more efficiently and increase collaboration between your employees. Due to the automation of manual tasks, your users can focus on more important activities instead of repetitive work. Email notifications can be send when records are changed or questions of your customers can be routed to the specific agent with the right skills, so you can react faster and more efficient which leads to more satisfied customers.


Energy and utility companies in a competitive market have requirements to exchange information with each other, most of the time defined by a regulatory framework. Interfacing with different systems is required to exchange messages, to update information and to account for all business processes in a multi-player market. This is the role of market interaction, both in a regulated as well as in a deregulated market.

Market interaction enables EDI or XML messaging of customer scenarios, master data, meter readings and invoice information. MECOMS also takes care of settlement processes, by performing grid fee calculation, allocation and reconciliation. In a regulated market, market interaction can be used for reporting to partners, regulators, etc.

The MECOMS design separates generic processes from market-specific business logic, using a MECOMS Process Workflow. The process workflows provides a framework to implement scenarios.

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