You run your operations on MECOMS because you want to act faster on the market, to be more flexible and agile, to reduce your costs to serve. You want your operations to be reliable at all times. As MECOMS becomes more and more mission-critical in your business; you also require that MECOMS Product Support meets your increased expectations.

Support Services

Therefore MECOMS offers you three new MECOMS Support Services for our standard MECOMS product and the MECOMS Country Packs, performed by MECOMS Certified Professionals in a fully ITIL- and ISO- Certified Support Office. The staffing has been strengthened to deliver you a 40% faster response- and incident resolving time

Essential Product Support

With Essential, you get the essential MECOMS 8hr/5d support services that are required for your business operations.

Proactive Product Support

Proactive offers you extended MECOMS Support Services in a 12hr/5d time span for critical incidents, to detect and propose proactive efficiencies to ensure continuous healthy business operations.

Business Critical Product Support

Business Critical is the MECOMS Support in a 24hr/7d time span for critical incidents, to respond and resolve issues when MECOMS runs operations that are mission critical for your business.

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