The Debt Management Crisis in the UK

Gas and Electricity prices in the UK reached historically high levels during 2022 as a result of numerous factors, including increases in demand due to a post Covid recovery in the economy, risk of a cold winter.

Dynamic contracts, the pricing model for a sustainable energy future

Recently, the Flemish parliament approved a law regarding dynamic contracts in the electricity market. This means that Belgium is one step closer to sustainability in energy…

How the AI model behind ChatGPT can shape the future of your customer service.

There is no denying, ChatGPT is THE hot topic at the moment. Developers use it to write code, social media experts use it to create content and students deliver high-quality thesis papers thanks to the tool.

How to assure that your customers can continue to pay their energy bills?

Electricity and gas prices are rising. Advance bills of 1,000 euros a month are sought from customers, to continue to afford day-to-day living expenses.

Energy Communities, are they the future?

Using and distributing energy more consciously. It is a difficult but very important challenge that many consumers and suppliers have to face in the near future.
Water - Enstra - Ferranti computer systems - Cornwall inisghts

The Future of the UK Water Market

During our online webinar in Spring 2022, partners Enstra Consulting and Cornwall Insight will give you insights in the future of the UK Water Market.
Energy Futures Webinar - Co branded with Enstra, Cornwall insight and Delta-ee

The Future of the UK Energy market

Staying up-to-date in a constantly and rapidly changing Energy market is immensely important these days. Even though it is not that easy any more. Nowadays, information is spread over different channels and that makes it difficult to collect and summarize it. ….


Each business relies on and produces an abundance of data such as financial records, interactions with customers, expenses, employee details, etc. All this information resides…

Purmerend: shining example for other municipalities

We at MECOMS are very proud to have customers, like Stadsverwarming Purmerend, that care about innovation in combination with sustainability. NOS (Nederlandse Omroep Stichting), in…
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