Ferranti signs strategic partnership with Utilia in the Italian Energy Market

02 October 2019

The power of partnerships has always been one of the top success factors of MECOMS in the utility market. The combination of a proven best practice platform with a strong local footprint that brings in depth local utility expertise to the table is a strong value proposition for any customer.

We are proud to announce that Utilia and Ferranti (MECOMS) have reached an agreement on a strong alliance to address the needs of energy retail customers in Italy. The Italian energy market is very much in transition. Regulation is moving fast, liberalization is putting pressure on existing players and the digitization is creating opportunities for customers that want to change.

This is a great opportunity for us and MECOMS said Fabio Brancaleoni, Utilia Director. This partnership is the start of a journey with big ambitions. In the next few weeks we will share more details about the offering we will bring to customers. I can tell you that it is a game changer.

MECOMS 365 is based on the Microsoft business platform Microsoft Dynamics 365. The integrated approach to customer engagement, customer care & billing and meter data management is a strong proposition to offer a customer experience driven solution at an attractive cost to serve.

MECOMS 365 is the result of more than 40 years of experience in the utility industry. Ferranti has offices and a network of certified partners across the globe and, as a vertical solution provider, delivers MECOMS 365 platform to energy and utility companies. This platform gives access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored to the specific needs of an energy and utility company.

Utilia is the italian company specialized in the development of IT solutions for the Energy & Utilities sector and in the services supporting the operators in the sector. Utilia has a long-term history on the market for the sale and distribution of gas and electricity, that has enabled them to develop highly qualified know-how on the strategies that guide the processes of companies operating in the energy sector and to develop a consulting and customer service approach.

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