16 April 2020
Shanna Van Raemdonck

Energy & Utility customers can now enjoy the benefits of the MECOMS 365 & Dynamics 365 All-Channel Communications Solution delivered together

Antwerp, Dublin – 16th April 2020 –Solgari, the provider of the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Communications Solution, and Ferranti, provider of MECOMS 365, the industry leading provider of utility industry vertical solutions today announced their strategic ISV partnership.

As premium tier members of Microsoft’s Business Applications ISV Connect Program, Solgari and Ferranti have both developed transformative customer cloud solutions that are delivered on Microsoft Dynamics 365.  

The MECOMS 365 platform for utility companies provides access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored to the specific needs of an energy and utility company. The solution provides customer engagement, customer information systems, field service management, finance & operations and meter data management tools to over 50 customers across the globe.

Solgari delivers the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Communications Solution which is used by companies in 40 countries with demanding, secure, multi-channel needs, who are looking to increase efficiency, meet all related compliance requirements, and to delight customers who wish to engage on their preferred communications channel.

Presenting this solution within MECOMS 365 platform on Microsoft Dynamics 365 produces the following outcomes for the energy & utility vertical:

  • Available anywhere users have a device connected to the internet, simply login to Dynamics 365 and start using the D365 All-Channel Communications Solution, facilitating operational flexibility.
  • Transformed retail customer experience by allowing customers to communicate with the utility on the channel of the customer’s choice – chat, SMS, voice, video, social media & WhatsApp – while facilitating multiple channels in a single conversation.
  • Automate customer communication journeys using Chatbots, speech to text & payment IVRs.
  • Provide customer and support agents with all of their desired communication channels through a fully integrated solution within MECOMS 365.
  • Automatic compliance around GDPR if recording customer conversations and handling credit card payments under PCI DSS.
  • Record and archive all customer conversations, instant search and retrieval – providing a single data view of all your customers.
  • Simple pricing per user per month model fully aligned within MECOMS 365.

Johan Vandekerckhove, CCO at Ferranti said Solgari is also a premium tier Microsoft ISV delivering a strongly in-demand all-channel, all-function cloud communications solution which is part of Dynamics 365. There is a significant synergy with our global utility industry platform, we are really pleased to be entering this partnership together.”

Vance Harris, CTO at Solgari added, “MECOMS 365 and Solgari are bringing together our innovative Dynamics 365 ISV solutions to provide a powerful end to end solution for the utility and power industry. As partners, we deliver transformative outcomes around customer engagement for any utility company with heavy communications requirements.’

About Ferranti

MECOMS 365 is the Dynamics 365 solution for energy and utility companies across the globe. It is certified for Microsoft Dynamics AX & 365, meeting Microsoft’s highest software standards.

As a Ferranti company, we develop products and solutions for energy and utility companies. MECOMS 365 is the result of more than 40 years of experience in this industry.

MECOMS 365 combines flexibility, efficiency and smart insights to drastically cut cost-to-serve, even in a changing environment. Utility companies around the world choose MECOMS 365 solutions because it makes their business highly efficient and because it allows them unprecedented flexibility to adapt and offers them superior business insight.

For more information please visit MECOMS 365.

Ferranti Contacts

Johan Vandekerckhove – CCO


About Solgari

Solgari is the Dynamics 365 All-Channel Communications Solution for companies with demanding, secure, multi-channel needs, who are looking to increase efficiency, meet all related compliance requirements, and to delight customers who wish to engage on their preferred communications channel.

We are the first global Microsoft ISV to deliver integration across all communication channels, functions, and local number coverage, enabling Dynamics 365 CE businesses to handle all of their inbound and outbound customer conversations seamlessly, providing a single customer view, superior customer service and automatic compliance across multiple regulations.

For more information, please visit the company website and learn more about the Solgari solution or simply review this short product video Dynamics 365 All-Channel Cloud Communications Solution.

Solgari Contacts

Tamara Phelan – Head of EMEA 


Nicolle Huntingford – Marketing Manager


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