Ferranti strengthens its ambition in the utilities' water industry

07 April 2022

The water industry has always been at the heart of Ferranti’s business with MECOMS. Ferranti sees an industry that will face many challenges in the coming years. Climate change, population growth, urbanization, and social and economic development frame water sustainability challenges. Digital technology is key for water utility CIOs to implement the urgent transformation of the water utility business and operating models needed to address these challenges as indicated by industry analysts.

We are proud to share that Waterbedrijf Groningen and WMD Drinkwater join the MECOMS 365 family. They have recently selected Ferranti’s MECOMS 365 cloud platform to further support their customer processes in the future. They are responsible for providing clean water to approximately 584.000 Dutch citizens in Groningen and 490.000 in Drenthe, both located in the Northern region of the Netherlands.

The MECOMS 365 Solution allows the water companies to serve the customer with the latest state-of-the-art technology and to achieve operational excellence while keeping customer experience at a high level. The maturity of the MECOMS 365 platform, which is proven at other drinking water companies, strengthened the water companies to secure the efficiency in the way of working and excellent customer service in future. MECOMS 365 is built on Microsoft’s cutting-edge enterprise platform Dynamics 365 for Operations and Customer Engagement. Ferranti leverages Microsoft’s premium ERP platform and AZURE to deliver this state-of-the-art cloud solution.

With the growth of Ferranti’s presence in the water industry we are extremely excited to announce the appointment of Maaike Westerink. She joins the Ferranti team as a seasoned veteran out of the water industry to help fuel the growth Ferranti has in the integrated utilities market. In depth knowledge of business operations and the ins and outs of customer experience at an integrated utility is key.

“What an exciting start of the year, the MECOMS 365 family is steadily growing. We are very grateful for Waterbedrijf Groningen and WMD Drinkwater for their continued investment in MECOMS. Our journey in the cloud started in 2018 and the benefits and synergies that we are achieving between our customer base are steadily increasing every month. This increases the value we can bring to our customers. With Maaike on board we have a setup for success to take the next step with Integrated Utilities.”

Johan Vandekerckhove
CCO – Ferranti

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