Meet Linde, our intern for a day!

27 March 2023

Hi, I’m Linde Nijhof and I am a fifteen-year-old student at Stanislas College Westplantsoen in Delft (The Netherlands). I am a VWO student in my fourth year. My study program includes business economics and a lot of subjects like science, geography and biology. My grade got an assignment from school to do an internship. I immediately liked the idea of doing something with marketing for a company.

My mother works at Ferranti in the sales department, and suggested for me to do the internship there with the marketing team. I really liked the idea and went to email one of the marketing employees Joyce De Smit, she replied really fast and was very kind, she told me that… I got the internship!

I was really happy with that and very excited, at first I wasn’t really sure what was in store for me, but when I arrived the receptionist was very kind and helped me with a smile. In the morning I got a whole tour around the building and was given a very clear explanation of what marketing at Ferranti means exactly, she told me how they manage things like events and flyers but also the well-being of the fellow colleague and much more.

Throughout the day we did various things like joining the sales meeting, I found it very interesting and could follow (almost) everything they talked about ‘cause of the good explanation. All of the colleagues are very kind and funny, smiling isn’t a thing working at Ferranti misses! When I started I had a small prejudice about office jobs, as in it’s not very boring sitting alone at a desk like that the whole day, but it wasn’t at all! There was much to do and it was never boring. I mean, if even a fifteen-year-old girl could like it here, imagine a college-student who has mastered the subject. I am here for one day only, but I really got the feeling of what the work is like. I do think that if you would be here longer you would be able to learn much more than I did today and I would really like to be able to do that.

Linde & Joyce

What I am also happy about is that when I showed interest in the profession by doing an internship, they were really helpful and happy to talk about their job and give me the feeling of what it’s like to work here.

If you are able to do an internship for school or in your free time, I would really recommend going to Ferranti!! 

Looking for an internship, just like Linde? Be sure to apply via the following link

Kim Lucas, Ferranti Recruiter

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