MECOMS MOVES, our badges and progress

03 August 2021


During our 2021 kick off, we launched a challenge to stimulate everyone to start or keep moving, the MECOMS MOVES challenge. That’s why we created MECOMS family group on Strava. Activities tracked as running, swimming or cycling count towards meeting our goal(s).

Our goal(s)

As already mentioned, the goal of MECOMS MOVES is to get our colleagues moving, linked to a challenge. Every month we launch a good cause, for which we move 1,500 hours together. If we achieve that goal, we donate 1,000 euros to that charity.

Our progress and badges

The SECOND MECOMS MOVES badge is in the pocket

We are proud to announce that our fantastic colleagues have reached the goal of 1500 hours. We are literally moved by all their effort. Thanks to their contributions, we can now donate 1000 euros to ‘kom op tegen kanker’ in Belgium.

About Kom Op Tegen Kanker

Kom Op Tegen Kanker has one dream. A world without cancer. Until that happens, they prevent, treat and alleviate cancer. In addition, they provide expertise for a better policy on cancer. To be able to do all this, they mobilize as many people as possible to join the fight against cancer.

Next up

During our next MECOMS MOVES we will be exercising for Project Watersnood, Rode Kruis

MECOMS MOVES reached the first goal!

We raised 1000 EUR for Polioplus by moving 1500 hours together with our MECOMS family on Strava! In addition to staying healthy ourselves, we hope to have been able to contribute to the mission of PolioPlus in our own modest way.

About Polioplus

People with disabilities face constant challenges in everyday life. Simple activities are a significant effort for them. PolioPlus is based in Macedonia and realizes activities related to informing, training and networking of people with disabilities in order to find decent employment. Visit the following webiste if you want to learn more about Polioplus:

Next up

During our next MECOMS MOVES we will be exercising for Kom Op Tegen Kanker – Belgium.

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