Network with MECOMS at the Future Of Utilities, September 15 & 16 London.

16 August 2021

MECOMS is pleased to announce that we will attend the Future Of Utilities in London. After a period of working from home, we are looking forward to a real life reuniting with our colleagues in the energy and water sector.

Be sure to take part in Future of Utilities Summit and get inspired by more than 60 keynote speakers & other attendees from the UK and other corners over the globe. They will bring you up to speed on the fast-pace changes we’ve seen this year.

There will be opportunities to debate new ideas and share insights about the latest trends in your sector. But most importantly, grab your chance to network in real life and make new connections!

See you there!

More information about the Future Of Utilities:

Energy Futures Webinar - Co branded with Enstra, Cornwall insight and Delta-ee

The Future of the UK Energy market

Staying up-to-date in a constantly and rapidly changing Energy market is immensely important these days. Even though it is not that easy any more. Nowadays, information is spread over different channels and that makes it difficult to collect and summarize it. ….

Waternet reaches a milestone by integrating their billing AND tax system into one platform.

Waternet is one of the first Dutch water companies to use a single system for both its drinking water invoicing and its taxes invoicing. This wish was already there at the start of the cooperation between MECOMS and Waternet in 2006…

MECOMS MOVES, our badges and progress

In addition to staying healthy ourselves, we hope to have been able to contribute to the mission of different good causes in our own modest way.