Save the date: BOOST20

10 February 2020

MECOMS is proud to announce the fourth edition of our global utility innovation conference for all energy and utility companies, customers, partners and industry relations. MECOMS BOOST20 offers an extensive program that facilitates inspiration, learning, future vision, innovation and most important networking in a personal enjoyable environment. Register now.

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Why you need to attend MECOMS BOOST20, 12-13 May 2020, Ferranti HQ Antwerp

This is an exceptional opportunity to get up-to-date on the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform and how MECOMS has deeply verticalized this platform for energy and utilities in a cloud driven approach.

Learn how you can improve your customer experience, drive process efficiency and have the right business insights at your hand to make the right decisions in the areas of Customer Engagement, Customer Information Systems, Meter Data Management, Field Services and ERP solution offerings for energy and utility companies.

Network with peers and experts to learn from others’ best practices from our industry.

During the key note sessions several industry specialists will sketch their view on the Energy and utilities market, technology and innovation. Listen to Steven Van Belleghem taking you on a journey into modern customer relationships and how innovation is driving this. Catch Up with Jean-François Segalotto on industry trends and a story about Relevance, Risk, and Resilience: Peeking into Utilities’ Future. Hear Cindy Braspenning speak on omni-channel communication and how to drive a new customer experience. Learn form Eric Veldkamp about the latest trends in advanced field services and how the Dynamics platform can drive service excellence in that area. Follow Andrej Šajn on a journey of innovation and diversification of the role of a utility at GEN-I. Listen to Henk De Metsenaere explaining how machine learning and automates data insight with automatic modelling generation technology to improve forecast accury and anomaly detection. Get inspired by Tamara Phelan talking about omni-channel communication all from within your CRM environment. Easy, efficient, integrated and verticalized for energy and utility companies. Connect with Luis Morencos on the Microsoft strategy for energy and utilities and learn from Timo Verbrugge on RPA and virtual agents on the Microsoft Power Platform. Talk with Nick Collard about document distribution and layouting the easy way. Driven by customer demand, configured by users, fast and efficient. Innovate with Ruben Van den Bossche making dynamics pricing and quoting a differentiator for your company. Discuss the future of water companies with Yorick Desmense and understand how the Brabant Water customer centric model works.

These are just a few of the keynotes and breakout sessions of BOOST20.

Stay tuned for the detailed schedule.

You will be able to experience innovation on the Microsoft platform in the areas of Data, AI and RPA with hands-on demonstration scenarios and use cases. Attend learning workshops, lab setting where you can create your own Power Apps or Power BI dashboard and learn the strength of Power Automate and Power Virtual Agents. In the customer experience center you will be able to see and experience innovative technology and business practices from MicrosoftDOXEEGorillaSolgariHSO InnovationTangent worksFormpipe and many more. There will be an opportunity to attend trainings, workshops and labs to develop your MECOMS 365 and Dynamics 365 knowledge and to connect with MECOMS 365 staff.

Whilst travel and hotel are at your expense, there are no costs involved for registering for the conference. Please register here and we’ll keep you posted on the detailed schedule.

As a reminder

  • Understand the possibilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Microsoft Power Platform
  • Get up-to-date and involved in the MECOMS 365 journey to a true digital cloud platform
  • Strengthen relationships, networking and share best practices 
  • Learn from other companies using MECOMS
  • Experience how MECOMS 365 can help improve customer experience, increase process efficiency and deliver the right business insights 
  • Meet with industry experts 
  • Get involved with innovation on blockchain, machine learning and AI focused on energy and utilities

See you at MECOMS BOOST20! – Register here. 

A special thanks to MicrosoftDOXEEGorillaSolgariHSO InnovationTangent Works and Formpipe  for making this event happen with us and a big thank you for our speakers, panel coordinators and lab masters Steven, Jean-Francois, Andrej, Cindy, Eric, Henk, Tamara, Timo, Ruben, Nick and Yorick.

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