27 September 2018

Vaanster and MECOMS have decided to enter into a strategic relationship for the implementation of the MECOMS application platform for the needs of handling customer administration and invoicing for Vaanster customers.

This cooperation fits in with the proposed strategy of MECOMS with regard to the heat market. The Netherlands has started an accelerated reduction of its gas production in Groningen in order to achieve a complete shutdown in 2030. Gas will be used less for, among other things, heating and hot water, but more will be spent on savings, the use of residual heat and the use of other sustainable heat sources. Here, more attention is being paid to the use of district heating networks.

MECOMS responds to the increasing demand for a standard platform to handle customer processes within the heat sector in an efficient and user-friendly manner. This heat platform can be used for both smaller and larger heat companies. The platform provides for the various conditions for the supply of heat and allows for scaling in the growing heat market in the Netherlands. Here the customer experience is very important, offering self-service applications in a digital strategy is of course an essential part.


Vaanster is the market leader in the Netherlands in the supply of sustainable heat and cold to private and business customers. To this end, we take care of the realization and exploitation of ATES projects and supply heat and cold to more than 10,000 private customers on a daily basis. They do this with individual and collective heat pump systems. With the tightening of the current regulations no new construction projects are realized that are not sustainable. Vaanster is ready for further growth of exploitation projects. By investing in sustainable energy applications they want to contribute to the sustainability of the Dutch energy supply. Durable, reliable and affordable.

Who is MECOMS?

MECOMS is a Ferranti company specialized in the energy and utility market. For over 40 years they provide quality services in the sector. MECOMS is an application platform focused on, among other things, the handling of customer administration and invoicing based on Microsoft Dynamics 365. Based in Antwerp, the organization focuses on the market in the Netherlands and Belgium and in international context they supply their customers via implementation partners.

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