Working together to support our mutual customers.

02 December 2019

Microsoft and Ferranti Computer Systems worked together to help SGR solve a complex IT problem. SGR is an Italian private gas company with a priority to improve client service. Their current systems used a combination of a CRM solution, a separate billing platform, and a custom middle tier to tie them all together. This solution created too much complexity to be governed in an efficient way,  so SGR committed to update their legacy applications toward a goal of breakthrough service.

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“We needed to have a solution that helps us use the competencies of people in the business, not in solving technical problems” said Fabio Brancaleoni, General Manager Utilia, at SGR.

“Microsoft is investing so much in cloud, AI, data and it’s moving so fast and this ISV Connect program allows us to keep up with the pace and then translate that innovation to the customer so they can benefit from that.” – Johan Vandekerckhove, Chief Commercial Officer, MECOMS Ferranti.

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