Since 2010, Sigma has had a focused effort in the energy industry. Today, they have about 50 consultants with knowledge from the energy industry.

Their goal is to have a selection of IT consultants with a thorough understanding of the industry needs and challenges. These consultants help customers in strategic assignments. Other consultants within energy assignments have the necessary knowledge to quickly be able to familiarise themselves with tactical and operational IT-related assignments.

Typical strategic assignments that Sigma implements within the energy industry include creating target architecture that provides the ability to handle short-term and long-term management of IT platforms and their investments and acting as program leaders and architects where their customers intend to change mission-critical system domains.

Typical tactical and operational assignments they implement within the energy industry include external web solutions to enable good customer dialogue, Business Intelligence solutions that give customers the foundations to understand and control their work, and process automation that simplifies and streamlines complex processes.

Sigma gladly takes full responsibility for commitments where they coordinate their competence in a synchronised delivery, which enables them to deliver more efficiently.