At MECOMS we are very proud of our long-term relationship with Latvijas Gāze and our partner Consolware. Latvijas Gāze is one of the largest importers, traders and retailers of natural gas in Latvia. Together we help more than 400,000 household customers and 6000 B2B customers with their billing.

2017 saw a major shift in the Latvia’s gas market. Their integrated gas monopolist unbundled, and the market opened up to competition. A unique business opportunity for Latvijas Gāze, which they took with both hands. Since 2019 they are the largest gas company in Latvia.

Becoming an independent player had of course it’s challenges. Particularly in a market where more than 400,000 household customers are free to switch suppliers anytime. Latvijas Gāze needed to step up their game in terms of IT capabilities.

After reviewing four billing systems, Latvijas decided to select our MECOMS solution.

“A new customer portal was also designed and deployed and, finally, necessary integrations between MECOMS and the existing BI solution were implemented.” – IDC case study on Latvijas Gāze.

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