Do you want to reduce the size of your database and, therefore, lower the cost to serve (CtS) of your IT infrastructure?

Purging vs. Archiving

The MECOMS Data Management Framework (MDMF) provides two functionalities, purging functionality allows system administrators to optimize database performance by deleting outdated data (data that doesn’t change anymore) or data of lesser value (such as logging data) resulting in a reduced cost of maintenance and storage, the archiving functionality allows you to separate less frequently accessed data to a low cost database storage.

Our Approach

A flexible implementation, tailored to your specific needs which means that for instance you can start with purging of less relevant data such as journal data and continue afterwards with relevant data that is subject to regulatory compliance.

  • 1

    Step 1

    An analysis to determine your top slowest queries and related data entities. Determine for each data entity the specific purging and or archiving requirements in relation to regularity compliance. Based on the analysis information we create a concrete action plan and effort indication.

  • 2

    Step 2

    The actual implementation starts with a baseline benchmark to measure the performance of the top slowest queries. After the installation and the first run, a new benchmark allows you to compare it to the previous benchmark.

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