From the beginning, our products were conceived as an answer to market turmoil. Flexibility to adapt to changing demands is a core product value and always will be. Obviously, each version of our products brings new features and improvements. However, our value proposition is a lasting promise to energy and utility companies that differentiate our solutions against competing vendors.

Familiar and User Friendly

The user interface is easy to use, consistent and familiar to Microsoft Office users. This significantly reduces the training needs of new users. Additionally, the 360° cockpit empowers call centre operators to quickly solve complicated requests with the customer on the line. When new work routines emerge, it is easy to automate them into new workflows, without any additional programming.

Superior Business Insight

Web-based role centres for common roles in utility organizations provide an intuitive way to interact with MECOMS. This ensures that data and analytics are always meaningful and accessible to everyone in the organization. Furthermore, because MECOMS uses Microsoft technology, it is easy to exchange information with other systems or to export any kind of data to other applications, such as Excel.

Efficient Business

MECOMS processes are optimized for unattended behaviour, requiring only a minimum of human intervention. Self-serve channels (web portal, automated telephone system,…) handle routine customer interactions. MECOMS also uses a management-by-exception approach to handle regular processes and intelligently sets aside ambiguous cases for human inspection. Following the “first time right” principle, each process contains configurable checks and validations in each step. This greatly increases early detection of errors, thereby preventing escalations and costly recoveries.

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