MECOMS Meter Data Management (MDM) focuses on the data quality and controlling the information flood. It is a full-fledged MDM system, handling all aspects of meter data collection, validation and calculation to turn raw meter readings into reliable consumption data.


MECOMS provides two-way communication with smart meters and is able to process large volumes of smart metering data. We also handle Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) as a core process. It can easily integrate with existing systems, such as MV90, but also communicates natively with other automatic meters.


MECOMS has the necessary functionalities to receive metering data from various sources. On the one hand are end-customers able to provide their index values via a Self-Service portal. Our Smart Data Application Server on the other hand allows you to receive smart metering data directly from the meter or via an integration.

On top, the platform allows you to create tours and send out your meter readers to collect the reads in the field.


Meter Information Management allows you to store the all the information of the meter itself; not only how the meter should be read but also the different capabilities of the meter, serial number, version, firmware, etc.


The meter readings that are received via various channels are stored and validated in MECOMS. Via journals, a first validation will happen to make sure the incoming data is valid. Afterwards extra validations will happen within the live portfolio. In a user-friendly manner, existing business validation rules can be changed, or new rules can be created, without additional development. Multiple rules can then be active simultaneously and can be prioritized to match changing business needs.

Afterwards the meter readings can be converted into consumptions (e.g.: day, month, aggregated, peak, etc.) which then are validated as well. Complex metering configurations, often with local production, are also taken into account. Various calculation factors can be used to calculate the correct consumption, such as daily temperatures, SLP/EAV’s and proxy-consumptions. Estimations, based on consumption profiles or historical data, are automatically calculated as a substitute for missing data.

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