As a vertical solution provider, we deliver our MECOMS 365 platform to utility companies. This platform gives you access to the power and flexibility of Microsoft Dynamics 365, tailored to the specific needs of an energy and utility company.


The MECOMS 365 platform is a modular/API driven end-to-end business application platform ready for tomorrow‘s world, covering the processes of the following domains.


The platform helps you improve low customer engagement with rich and structured communication.

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Our MECOMS Meter Data Management (MDM) focuses on the data quality and controlling the information flood.

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Our application enables you to make smarter decisions through a intuitive user interface that provides access to real-time insights & intelligence.

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The platform supports you by providing an overview of all work orders, regardless if they are customer-facing or internal.

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The platform helps you improve low customer engagement with rich and structured communication.

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The MECOMS 365 platform

Each company has a specific culture and business strategy. This creates different needs and different constraints. What is needed is an integrated platform which is open to connect to the necessary services and applications.

The MECOMS 365 platform offers you a strongly connected application platform based on Microsoft Dynamics 365, MECOMS and applications provided by our partners. Based on the Microsoft Dynamics 365 application platform we added the specific energy & utility knowledge within MECOMS modules.

This allows you to deploy only these modules you need. Later on, additional modules can be added. Moreover, the platform suits both large utilities and niche B2B players. This makes the MECOMS 365 platform ideal for growing businesses, as it will smoothly scale to handle increasing volumes of customers, meter readings and billing cycles.

Enhance productivity & business intelligence

The MECOMS 365 platform allows you to work with a standard platform with standardized processes; designed to work within different local markets and for various market roles.

By design, additional changes can be done through configuration instead of customising the code. The new MECOMS 365 user experience brings you a fully web-enabled application in which all information is centralized, enhancing the productivity and business intelligence. By integrating additional applications within the platform, e.g. Office 365, this can even be more improved.

Cloud-first strategy

The platform has a cloud-first strategy, allowing you to benefit from the agility of cloud-based applications and infrastructure to innovate. However, a mixed hybrid or on-premise strategy remains a possibility.

The MECOMS 365 platform is always at the cutting edge of utility business and technology. The platform offers out-of-the-box support for innovations such as smart metering, big data analytics or digital customer interaction channels. Moreover, the platform is designed to ensure a smooth transition when new technologies or business practices are introduced.

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