With MECOMS 365 Customer Engagement we have extended the Microsoft CE functionalities specifically for the energy & utility market, with a first focus on Sales & Customer Service. Get to know your customers and improve customer interactions with Customer Engagement. Create a complete customer journey and optimize the customer experience. CE helps you to improve customer interactions with rich and structured communication allowing you to capture and respond to your customers’ questions or comments and this across multiple channels such as phone, email, chat, social channels Facebook, Messenger, Twitter, WhatsApp, …


Automate various marketing tasks, actions and campaigns to make sure that you have the best customer experience by providing them with personalized content at the right moment and place. Marketing Automation will guide your customer during their customer journey.


Sales management will help your salespersons in following-up their different opportunities and prospects to convert them into projects and customers. It provides them access to all necessary information on their prospects and leads so they can focus on their strategic deals and close them.


The customer service module helps you in tracking all customer activities through cases, records all interactions with your customers and solves the different problems they might experience.


Market patterns, customer trends and deeper customer understandings can be achieved by making use of various Insights functionalities. Engagements can be tailored and personalized to each customer by bringing transactional, observational and behavioral data together in real time. With the AI & Machine Learning capabilities, churn can be predicted, next best actions can be followed, and product recommendations can be given.


The MECOMS 365 omni-channel communication solution, helps your front office agents to better communicate and interact with your customers from within the platform. This allows them to assist your customers via chat, video, voice, SMS & co-browse functionalities.


Empower your teams by building chat bots in a no-code interface. You will enable your customers to have rich & personal conversations that guide them to the right solution and take action on their behalf.


Create, modify and control your various branded documentation from within the platform and afterwards communicate the documents to your customers or suppliers in any format and by any media.


Via the self-service capabilities from within the platform, your end-customers have the ability to logon to a self-service portal that enables and empowers them to find the correct information, to register a request or resolve issues. Your customers have control over when and where they manage their account, while support is available whenever this is required.

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