From experience, we’ve learned that it is essential to guard the quality of implementation from an early stage in the project. As the delivery of a project is a complicated process where the project team focuses on the actual delivery of the project, it could be that the overview of the broader picture is lost and sometimes decisions are taken which don’t make optimal use of the standard MECOMS functionality. This could potentially lead to reduced upgradeability or performance issues. To avoid those pitfalls, MECOMS offers the MECOMS Quality Assessment service.

  • 1

    Design phase

    In the design phase, the Quality Assessment service will focus on the functional and technical designs and check if the right decisions have been taken in order to make maximum use of the standard functionality and ensure the upgradability of the solution.

  • 2

    Development phase

    During the development phase, the Quality Assessment service will focus on the implementation of the project and will check if the development best practices are followed and a stable solution is built.

  • 3

    Operational phase

    Also during the operational phase of a project a Quality Assessment can be useful to spot possible optimizations that can still be done and assess the upgradeability to future releases.

Key benefits

  • Helps to identify and mitigate the solution design risks at an early stage.
  • Maximise the use of standard MECOMS functionality and frameworks.
  • Helps to ensure successful implementation.
  • Indicates potential for reduction of time and costs of overall implementation and maintenance efforts.
  • Check the upgradeability of the proposed solution.

Download our Quality Assessment Brochure