MECOMS offers packaged offerings to customers and partners in the form of assessments. A performance assessment on existing and/or implemented MECOMS systems is such an example of controlled offerings done by experts.

Inform & advice

To inform the client about the maintainability and upgradability of the implemented MECOMS system: with focus on running the solution as implemented. And to advise the client if MECOMS was implemented in line with the product best practices.

Performance Improvements

To advise on performance improvements both from Software or hardware perspective. Yet remaining flexible to the customer and/or partner needs on what is really the most important aspect.


A full SQL Database tuning can be executed as well.

What’s Included?

  • A full report sent to the customer/partner.
  • A description to be sent (in pdf) to the customer.
  • Optimize batch planning and multithreading

Prices & Conditions

This assessment typically takes 5 working days, performed by MECOMS resources. Day rates, fees, expense coverage and other conditions to be agreed on between parties.

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