MECOMS Customer Information System (CIS) provides you with all the functionalities for the complete ‘Meter-to-Cash’ process. First it allows you to create products and to sell them to your customers in the form of contracts. MECOMS then offers several methods to bill your customers for the commodities they use. In the end, the platform also takes care of credit management to process payments and deal with late or non-paying customers.


The customer is the central entity within the module of customer management. This allows you to retrieve all your customers in an easy and efficient way within the solution.

By making use of 360° cockpit screens you have a complete overview of your customer, including his contracts, invoices and cases. This ensures that you have the right information to be able to talk to your customers quickly and to make the right decisions when handling cases and customer contacts.

Based on the rich information available, including all historical information, well-founded decisions can also be made when corrections need to happen.


Billing is a core process for any utility company. MECOMS is designed to rapidly deliver impeccable bills, to encourage timely payments and to maximize the payment rate of every customer segment.

The specifics of each contract are taken into account by the billing system, which calculates and validates invoice lines as meter and consumption data enters the system. This workload spreading allows for an amazingly fast billing run when the actual invoices need to be generated. Before the actual billing run, validation already detects anomalies in the data. And also allows for error-free billing runs, with increased speed and accuracy. Bills can in the end be presented in various ways: through a web portal, per e-mail, by post, or through standard interfaces, such as EDI and Zoomit. MECOMS also provides out of the box support for real time pricing and billing.


MECOMS handles payment processing and all communications related to it. MECOMS lets utilities maximize the amount of timely payments, while minimizing the dunning costs.

MECOMS communicates directly with financial institutions and automatically interprets all incoming payments to manage direct debit administration. At the core is a sophisticated matching engine that combines parameters to decide which payments can be processed automatically. Only when there is too much uncertainty, the system will request human intervention. It will then assist the user to decide by listing the different possibilities based on their probability.

MECOMS offers flexibility to adjust payment terms, delaying due dates, custom payment schedules, payments by third parties or sending it to a collections agency.


In today’s competitive utilities market, it is essential that you can create or manage your products in a very efficient and flexible way. MECOMS allows you to rapidly develop these new market offerings, without any additional programming, by configuring the different parameters for billable items and services. The users can create and maintain products by linking commodities with rate structures, taxes and levies.


Portfolio Management offers a comprehensive toolset for program management, portfolio analysis, position calculation, risk management and mark-to-market. Users can set-up and develop a forecasting model using a deal/trade subsystem, a configurable calendar and a formula generator. Based on the results, you can manage your risk and position within the market. This includes sourcing activities (buy/trade) on spot and futures markets, often using flexible contracts in the MECOMS contract management module. By have all the information available, including all historical information, well-founded decisions can also be made when corrections need to happen.


Based on the products you offer, you create a contract for your customer. MECOMS automatically takes care of these contract arrangements in billing and other administrative processes. Not only for B2C but also for B2B we offer an advanced pricing and quotation suite. It allows fixed, semi-flexible and full flexible pricing models. Advanced contract conditions, such as automatic renewal, auto-balancing, cash-out and take or pay, are all possible. .

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