If you have proven experience and contacts in the utility industry in your local market and are willing to commit to building a business around our MECOMS core product and solutions, then you want to join the MECOMS Partner Channel.

Through our partner program, you will receive the necessary support to create opportunities to grow your business and build sustainable growth around MECOMS.

MECOMS Partner benefits include:

  1. Access to the MECOMS partner portal which contains all of the latest information to support your sales and marketing efforts
  2. Extensive product and sales training which enables you to sell and implement MECOMS solutions in your market
  3. Placement and promotion on the MECOMS website to increase awareness amongst the utilities in your local market
  4. Extend the value offering to customers, by using the MECOMS Application Platform for bilateral development
  5. Access to MECOMS Professional Services, which support your pre-sales and implementation teams.
  6. The certification program, to encourage your professionals to expand their knowledge.

To become a partner, please get in touch with us.