Supporting the future generation of young potentials

And we are proud of it!

06 July 2022

Supporting young potentials and innovative minds is key to Ferranti. We are therefore always on the lookout for projects that arouse our interest and are somewhat related to our industry.  

Last year we met Remko, team manager of the Formula Electric student team, and immediately felt a strong connection with their activities and mindset. The Formula Electric slogan is: green Innovation meets Performance, which is something we also strive towards, for our ever-greening customers through the MECOMS platform. 

Who is Formula Electric Belgium?

Formula Electric Belgium is a project from the KU Leuven and the Thomas More Hogeschool in which they give students the opportunity to build an electric race car from scratch in an environment that resembles a real-live case.

For example, they have to look for sponsorships to finance the car. The students also need to develop all parts of the car themselves, which challenges them to look for new technologies and materials. In short, innovation is their number one priority.

After working for a whole year building their electric racing car, they take it to the track and race against other student teams who also worked hard to get their car ready. 

What is coming up for these young potentials?  

Now that their car, named TITAN is finished, the racing season can start. More information on which races they will participate in will follow soon on their Facebook page.

During the races, they still learn a lot and use these opportunities to further develop their technologies, so next year’s team can continue to build on the insights and expertise gained.


Why do we support this initiative?  

The drive that these young people have & their desire to make a difference, is something that we as an employer want to attract and encourage within our company. Besides their drive, we also strongly admire their commitment to green innovations, which is very much in line with our corporate responsibility.  

Since 2021 we made several green changes to our Antwerp office. This to increase the productivity and health of our colleagues. We are also extending this green approach to our car policy, by opting for hybrid cars as a step towards an all-electric fleet. 

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